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As the Birds Cry :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 1 0
The Mask, The Jail, and The Wind
Because of the way you held me with your callused arms,  because of the way I saw you bend away. Because of the thorns lacing your rose of a body, beauty hiding the most perfect weapon of the Mother our Earth. The way your pink hands  matched your pink face, shades less that your red dress that would never fit you correctly because it was a forced facade, the mask you wore stained with all kinds of makeup, with waterstains drawn heavy under your mascara. The roaming, clumsy, unfamiliar stubs of you ever-cold hands, and the heavy heat from the rest of you. The way you lifted a bitten lip up as my face appeared around the corner. Those exact colors you always wore and the way you avoided fashion in your own way. The bile and toxic sludge spewing from your mouth to hide the delicate frame of your pink lips. Because you were breathtaking. The garden of Eden was your body, your eyes the sky above, the unknown settling into the expanse of blue, the wheat field your hair,
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nURR by Unsterotyped nURR :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 2 0 DerpderpderpPhotoshop by Unsterotyped DerpderpderpPhotoshop :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 2 2
Beatrice and Virgil
A dark room, carefully illuminated with three candles. A altar stood, beautiful in appearance, unknown in meaning. A girl, nay, a woman, shrouded in the robes of a widow, held a small book under the candles, reading carefully in the dim light. She was at the end of the book, reading the last page. The page she observed had one box, carefully aligned in the center of the paper. At the top of the box, three words. 'Game number thirteen'
The box was void of anything else. A movement behind the woman, a shifting of the curtained door, caused the robes to jumps lightly as the hidden body underneath flinched. A candle was snatched up, the book deposited on the floor. Embers dropped onto the book, setting it on fire. She waved the candle over it, paper crumpling up to become ash. She lifted the hem of her robes, replacing the candle,and rushing out the entrance without a second look.
The shadow smiled slightly from it's place near the entrance.
Such was the life of Pi.
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Choose your story WIP
1)This is retarded. The boot swinging toward your face reflects your frightened eyes, the metal tip stained with blood. Probably your own. You scream, grabbing the ankle tightly, jerking back. The boot flies over your face by millimeters, and the body crashes down beside you. You hear a loud thud and a heavy groan. As you release the foot, you inch away slowly. It hurts to breathe. They probably broke your ribs. You grab onto the wall, nails scratching at the paint as you give a sharp cry. It burns so much. You drag yourself up the wall, leaning on it because it's all you have. You glance toward the body. He's unconscious, probably from hitting his head on the floor. A gun lies uselessly in his unclenched hand. Your throat swells with rage. He could have just SHOT you.
Get the gun- #2
Leave the room-#3
2)You slowly slide down the wall, landing with a painful moan. You drag yourself along the floor with both arms and legs, grappling with the pain the whole way.  You scoop the
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Well by Unsterotyped Well :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 1 14 StriderButts by Unsterotyped StriderButts :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 0 4 I guess it's a comission. by Unsterotyped I guess it's a comission. :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 2 3
It's nice and dark. A face is illuminated by the soft glow of a computer screen.The face is tired, but carries the faint flicker of a smile as the chat bings again. "Back. My pajamas are on. ;)"
The smile flickers up. He agrees to the videochat, and there she is. She's wearing a pair of soft pajamas, her hair down and over her shoulders. The light behind her glows dimly through the curls, creating a small halo. The angel. She frowns. "HEY. WAKE UP." The chat dings. Shaken out of the stupor, he responds. "Sorry- lost for a moment." She smiles again. "Forgiven. Hey,you should get some sleep, ok?"
The face lowers momentarily, in some-sort of half-nod. The videochat vanishes with a bip, and the computer screen lowers. It's now completely black. The chair creaks slowly as the body stands, stretching weary limbs before moving at snail-pace to the bed. The bed squeaks as the body lands heavily on it, twisting into the sheets. In a few moments, everything is quiet once more.
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Oh god no.
Wait. What was she saying?
There was no god in this place.
There was no way there could be someone like that.
She retched a few times.Gagging on her own vomit, swallowing it. There was no way she could scream,anyway. The body wasn't good for much. Sheets of cloth hung off the skinny body, mismatched stitching. Black fabric etched with stains, soaked in mismatched area, burnt, dissolved, ripped. She was here because she was damned, another one of the bodies. The area she stood in haunted her- a green field, the wind blowing at a strong, yet subtle speed. Children, smiling, ran around with each other. Groups of parents watched from the edges, or some ran with their kids.  She stood in the middle, in a patch of thorns. Two men played chess on a bench near her.
She knew for a fact no one could see her.
She didn't want them too.
She slowly twisted in the thorns, opening old cuts and sending rackets of pain through the frail body. She left the bush, and started walking.
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M.A.D. by Unsterotyped M.A.D. :iconunsterotyped:Unsterotyped 2 0


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I don'̷t̛.̢...́.̡.͝I̧ ̢don't͞ f͝e̴̵él͢ ͘so͡ ̵̶gǫo͋͝d̶̙̜͐̐ͨ́̂̎̊.̂̋ͩ̐͐͠.̣̯̩̝͓̈́͞.̰͢ͅ"



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